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We are dedicated to providing quality services to children with medical health issues.

St. Francis Pediatric (Clinica Pediatra Hispana) is a private pediatric medical service provider in Dallas, Texas established by professionals and managed by professionals. We are an ADA compliant clinic that specializes in carrying out comprehensive pediatric medical services that are age-appropriate and responsive to the sensitive needs of children. Our team has a well-rounded focus and extensive knowledge of the medical concerns of children. They are also equipped with the essential skills to exercise the right kind of care for a specific health issue.

At St. Francis Pediatric, we strive to provide our patients with quality services consistent with precision, accuracy, and reliability by applying all the knowledge, skills, and years of experience we have in the practice of pediatric medical care, hence, rendering the right levels of treatment and care for their specific condition and meeting the satisfaction of their families.

We understand how infants, children, and adolescents have special medical needs as they grow, develop, and undergo the process of maturation. With that said, the need for regular medical care and attention is crucial to uphold their health and help them achieve their full developmental potential. As such, with the expertise of our board-certified, licensed pediatricians, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare professionals, infants, children, and adolescents will be treated in a comfortable and safe setting, following a holistic, evidence-based approach to care. Our specialty is within health promotion, literacy, and overall child development. And we guarantee unwavering dedication and unsurpassed levels of care.

We assist both children, patients, and other loved ones in coming up with appropriate solutions for their needs. We provide expert direction regarding the procedure of services and objectively give information that helps pave the right path for a course of treatment or rehabilitation should there be any need determined.

Additionally, at St. Francis Pediatric, we create valuable options that our patients and their families can depend on. Our staff members are not only experts at developing fully responsive programs but are also highly-able and knowledgeable on the different ways to communicate children in a language they easily understand. Our staff members promise to provide convenient, reliable, and affordable services for all those who seek our care, along with respect and compassion.

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  • Our Mission

    We strive to provide precise, accurate, reliable, and innovative medical care to children that address their varying health conditions. It is our goal to help them have a fun, exciting, and meaningful childhood by ensuring that they stay at their optimum potential at all times.

    Our Vision

    We envision to see children happily living their childhood with fewer worries about any illness or health complications, as well as witness parents enjoying their children’s happiness. We aim to gain the trust and respect of every household in Texas when it comes to pediatric medical services because of our immediate response and respectful, compassionate, and expert delivery of services.

Non-Discriminatory Policy

St. Francis Pediatric (Clinica Pediatra Hispana) provides fair and equal treatment for children regardless of race and national origin, creed, age, or handicap. Any forms or types of abuse or harassment is strictly prohibited and not tolerated in our clinic. When these cases arise, an appropriate punishment from the management and legal division will be given to the violator.

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For more information, feel free to contact us at your convenience or set an appointment online so we can discuss your concerns. We also encourage you to visit our clinic so you can learn more about what we have to offer.