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St. Francis Pediatric Clinic

When it comes to delivering quality medical services, preventive medicine, and clinical diagnostics, St. Francis Pediatric (Clinica Pediatra Hispana) renders effective and results-oriented medical services for infants, children, and adolescents in Dallas, Texas. Using contemporary methods and approaches in the pediatric medical practice and combined years of expertise, we take pride in delivering dependable and innovative medical care to promote your little one’s health and vitality.

St. Francis Pediatric’s team of specialists and licensed healthcare professionals uses modern technology and research-backed techniques that compel children to undergo necessary medical examinations or procedures without panic and fear. We care for our patients – children – like they are our own because we believe that the best outcomes come from loving, genuine care and expertise. Letting us care for your children is allowing your children to experience an eventful, meaningful childhood while knowing that they are receiving the right levels of care they need and deserve. Enjoy peace of mind with St. Francis Pediatric (Clinica Pediatra Hispana).

We Are Committed Our Mission Statement

We strive to provide precise, accurate, reliable, and innovative medical care to children that address their varying health conditions. It is our goal to help them have a fun, exciting, and meaningful childhood by ensuring that they stay at their optimum potential at all times.

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vector ullustration of little kid

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